July 2015
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July 2015


The World of Rick Owens Concept Store at Selfridges, was the biggest single designer project Selfridges has ever initiated and it was part of their major AW14 project The Masters. The World Of Rick Owens was celebrating 20 years of the designer’s label and edgy approach to...

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Gap Press Event

Crazy stripe, Christmassy pieces, finest food and a good company. That’s a short sum up of a Gap Holiday 14 press event that took place on July 23rd. Gap is an American brand founded in 1969, known mostly for their idea of casual chic uniform and...

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Leveraging Instagram and Twitter is a great way for a brand to drive personal engagement with consumers and Marc Jacobs is mastering it like no one else right now. On 15th of August MJ Fragrances opened a 3 day pop up shop called Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet...

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Making of: Micro Adventures

I am more than happy to share with you some behind-the-scenes photos  from today’s shoot, which proved, that all you need (to create something) is a good will. We are millennials. If we are not given a chance, we create one. Times we are living...

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Disc ’n’ Denim Party

Good old Gap turned 45 and we have celebrated it in Doris and Don Fisher style, who started “The Gap” in 1969, selling vinyls and denim. East London, Boxpark, vinyls, polaroid pictures, vintage T-shirt printing and free beer alongside with old school Gap TV adds, funky music and loads of cool...

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DASH Magazine AW14 Issue Launch Party

One plus one equals three because the whole is always greater than the proverbial sum of its parts. DASH AW14 ‘Fused–’ also confirms that collaboration is alive and in our creative industries as the idea of solo creation is increasingly being considered an analogue relic of...

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Blogger Breakfast

On Friday morning our London fashion week celebration begun with Blogger Breakfast, which was held inside the Oxford Street Flagship store. The event was an exclusive intro into the  Gap’s #OXSTfashion showcase workshop called Jeans for you to complicate. London’s bloggers, influencers and editors came to the flagship...

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