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Lea Bernetic


The reason I decided to found this company is because I’ve been working with many young designers in the past and I’ve seen so many talented people creating so many beautiful things, yet none of them remained on the market for more than 2 years.
I decided to dedicate my university years to research and find out why are young designers constantly failing in executing their brands and find a solution to increase the number of young designer brands on the market place by helping them to establish and manage their business plans and create a sustainable structure.
The stand-out features of the business relate to the Fashion Advisory Service and Fashion Accelerator Programme which is overlooked by industry leader Jurek Sikorski. Eliei also runs an internship scheme created in partnership with fashion university UCA, more specifically Fashion Management and Marketing course.

Company's Story

Eliei’s venture began in 2014, when the founder Lea Bernetic moved to London to study and work in fashion. Inspired by meeting young designers,the company aimed to fill a gap in the market by helping these creatives run their business and develop skills and strategy, Eliei’s ambition is to ultimately increase the number of successful young designer brands in the UK market place by helping them to establish and manage their business plans and create a sustainable structure.

NOTE: Phonetically when you breakdown the pronunciation for each letter in “LEA” the resulting word, when translated into Slovenian (the founder originally comes from Slovenian) is “ELIEI”

We Specialise In

ELIEI is an International brand consultancy based in London, focusing on the most exciting emerging designers and contemporary brands. We help young designers create a strong presentation of their product and advise how to externally communicate their brand image.

We understand young designers so we work in a dynamic way in order to deliver the best advice and guidance to the right people at the right time.


Our services include providing advice and guidance in the following areas:

Market Research

Qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research based on leading market reports overlooking market sector, consumers, product, competitors and all the relevant data to your business.

Business Management

Expert advice across areas of business planning, range planning, costing, pricing, sales and overall support in business development involving 3-year business plan to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Marketing & PR Strategies

Marketing and PR strategies including 6-month activity calendar tailored to your needs.

Trend Forecasting

We provide a trend forecasting book for two seasons in advance for all our clients.

Mission Statement

This programme will help you launch the company. You work in fashion therefore you want to accelerate your brand. The stand out features of this programme are:

  • Intense 10-week programme
  • Lectures and exercises in groups of 15
  • Business Planning with Jurek Sikorski form London Business School
  • Lectures based on top industry reports
  • When completing the programme your brand/company will have a sustainable structure which will enable you to generate more business to your work

Fashion Advisory service is based on one-to-one consultations on your medium of choice. This service is ideal for international designers (non UK based, those who are unable to attend fashion Accelerator Programme etc… ) and contemporary brands with already established business structure that only need advice in specific area of their business.

  • One-to-one consulting
  • Service tailored to your needs
  • International outreach – sessions conducted in person or via Skype
  • Business Planning
  • First hour is free of charge
Application Process

If you think our services are something you need and might be beneficial for your brand please send us an email and we will get back to you with all the information required. If you would like to proceed with Eliei we will arrange a meeting in order to discuss working schedules based on our availability and your requirements. It should be noted that Fashion Accelerator Programme will start running when there are at least 15 applicants whereas Fashion Advisory Service is already up and running.
We look forward to receive your email.

  • Fashion Advisory Service£35hr
    • One-to-one consulting
    • International outreach – consulting via Skype or in person
    • Business Planning
    • Web Design
    • Flexible Hours
    • Free First Hour
    • Service tailored specifically to your need

  • Fashion Accelerator Programme£250mo
    • High-end service at value price
    • Tailored 10 week programme
    • Group sessions with fellow designers
    • Sessions influenced by market leading reports
    • Networking opportunities
    • When completed you will know exactly how to run your business
    • Business Planning with industry leader Jurek Sikorski from London Business School