Wacoal’s Positive Body Image

As discussed in our #ElieiBusinessReport Body Positivity, there has been a huge shift in the fashion industry regarding the plus size market that is growing the industry from a restricted amount of differentiation to one that is boasting and celebrating its extensive range of fit...

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Social Brands – Eliei Business Report

Ever since 2008 financial crisis, political climate has been drastically changing. Due to a series of events coupled with Brexit and Trump presidency, late majority consumers are adopting mindset characterised by distrust, disconnection and disenfranchisement. Consumers who fall into middle to low income group can...

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Week in Review

Consumers still love nostalgic items and memorabilia and are willing to pay more for something close to their heart. The leather jacket Patrick Swayze wore in the movie Dirty Dancing was sold for £42,000 last Friday at an LA auction. Business’s need to be aware...

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