Last Thursday my boyfriend took me to CIRCUS, a unique West End late night cocktail bar and cabaret restaurant in Covent Garden to celebrate my birthday at the venue which includes all things I love; cabaret, Pan Asian cuisine and overall risqué entertainment.

To start off we were served beautiful Seabass Sashimi and Red Prawn toasts platters, followed by Black Angus On The Rocks with truffle teriyaki which was so incredibly delicious, my mouth is watering just looking at the picture above.

To spice up our evening we ordered chilli cocktails which went perfectly along with the atmosphere. Few minutes upon our arrival we saw a couple having a massive argument. No one knew what was going on and the situation was rather uncomfortable. In no time at all, the couple turned out to be performers and before we realised they were already on the main table, dancing. Brilliant!

The following acts were intriguing, although I was expecting more interaction with the guests. Think Cafe de Paris’ Seven Deadly Sins when Reuben Kaye walks around the audience creating a fear amongst the people who are nervously hoping to be harassed and verbally abused. That is a CIRCUS experience I imagined to receive. Not just a broken hierarchy show held at the “main table” that made, in my opinion, people seated behind and further back felt slightly isolated.

Personally I think the concept of Circus is a great idea. The venue is definitely a fashions favourite as everything is so beautifully presented. I can easily imagine having a brand/product launch or a business dinner there as just the ambience would do half off the talking. I would highly recommend everyone to visit Circus once, however, I believe that if you as a brand promise people the ultimate dinner-show experience, don’t compromise on your selling points.


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