Eliei Lecture at UCA: Setting Up A Fashion Company

I am so happy to share with you that tomorrow, 9th March I will be lecturing at University for the Creative Arts – UCA. If you are working in fashion or would like to work in fashion and are considering setting up your own business make sure you turn up. I promise it won’t be a drag.

Lecture outline:

  1. About the company Eliei Fashion Consultancy
  2. What we do – We help young Fashion designers create a strong presentation of their product and advise how to externally communicate their brand image.
  3. Change – Why change is important and why graduating Fashion students have more power than they think.
  4. Breaking the Job Stereotype – talking about change and breaking the stereotypes about jobs, movements, etc. is important as everyone should be aware that there is so much more in the Fashion world to fight for.
  5. Progress – Step by step guide through the Fashion specific business plan.
  6. The Beginning – A guide on how to set up a Fashion company, advise how to build a strong personal brand and why everyone should aim to fail more.The lecture will be followed by a seminar session with an opportunity to discuss your individual requirements re developing a personal brand or starting your own fashion brand.

    *Lecture sponsored by UCA Creative Enterprise

    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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