Gap Press Event

Gap Press Event

Crazy stripe, Christmassy pieces, finest food and a good company. That’s a short sum up of a Gap Holiday 14 press event that took place on July 23rd.

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Gap is an American brand founded in 1969, known mostly for their idea of casual chic uniform and high quality product. In last decade company didn’t do very well and they were ought to make some radical changes. In 2012 they’ve put Danish designer Rebekka Bay on the position of the creative director and ever since then she strives to retrieve the strength of authentic pieces and make Gap Gap again.

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After an amazing Spring Summer 2014 collection, where main focus was on Gap iconic products, washed fabrics and 1980’s faded colours, Autumn Winter 2014 collection followed with just an enhancement of Rebekka’s idea. Clean outerwear, laid back accessories, muted colours and loads of khakis, denim and high quality materials are already providing us (Fall 14 collection is already in stores) a perfect less-is-more Céline feeling.

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Holiday 14 collection is quite similar to the Fall 14 one, with an exception of all those shiny Christmassy pieces that we all need in order to create nostalgia in that time of the year.

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Main focus of Holliday collection is Crazy Stripe. An iconic old school Gap pattern, especially known from their TV commercials. Bay has designed a whole range featuring courful stripes and from October on, we will be able to buy into the brand’s heritage and put some colourful craziness into our Christmas gifts!

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However, I have to say I’m really lucky and glad that I was part of the event, especially because I’ve gained an internal knowledge on how to organise the event in order to make it look appealing from all point of views and how to keep your guests in the space as long as you can in order to ‘sell’ them your product. I was admiring PR girls when they were talking 9h straight and didn’t show any signs of exhaustion. The whole day was great, I was enjoying every single moment being there, taking pictures, helping out and having little chats. And I’m more than grateful for that opportunity.

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And just a thought that I was surrounded with people from all the major publications and eating lunch with Vogue team still feels good and funny in some sort of way.

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