Marija Moderna Launch at the Embassy

About This Project

Marija Moderna is a brand for mature women with a mission to create vivid and accessible fashion for 65+ women.


This was the first Marija Moderna event where founder Nika Urbas introduced a brand to the public. The event was held at the Slovenian Embassy in London and it was the perfect night to get us, women, together.

Guests were able to meet the team behind Marija Moderna and to review (and try on!) collections (both best-selling and couture) whilst enjoying celebrated Slovenian wines and food.


Nika Urbas approached Lea, Eliei’s CEO to become their lead marketing consultant for Marija Moderna and ensure the successful brand development and to retain sustainable business.


Eliei’s Services for this event included:

  • Event planning and curation
  • Location management
  • Speaker management
  • Guest list management
  • Event promotion and marketing

April 25, 2018

Event Management

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