Paul’s Boutique

About This Project

Paul’s Boutique assigned us with a creative brief focusing on their visual merchandising, as part of their current rebranding process in UK and Korea. They wanted us to design a global retail concept for the Paul’s Boutique brand, which will be launched in the first stand-alone store in London, and can also be rolled out in all territories, specifically to update the stores in Korea. The aim of our proposal was to showcase the product throughout a gallery/art show theme where bags act as pieces of art. We wanted to introduce the idea of sculpture in the front of the shop which works well with art show idea. To tap into technology and different developments in the retail landscape we wanted to include a hologram into the store design which will act as a tool for customers to see the products as a part of a live show in the store. These features will let consumers know that Paul’s Boutique is an innovative brand which is able to adapt quickly to new changes within the retail industry. Our aim was to push the boundaries and introduce new approach in retail – holograms. We believe this concept has a lot of potential as today’s world is obsessed with technology and consumers are extremely interested in new / interesting ways to shop. The retail concept can also be transferred to the Korean market considering this area in particular is  where technological advancements take place first.

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