Hashtag #ThrowBackThursday on eliei.com celebrates all the achievements, special moments and events that shaped the industry as well as this company and helped us be where we are now. It’s a reminder that acknowledging past can, and only will help us better define the future. Today’s #TBT goes to the last year’s April issue of my Cosmopolitan interview where I spoke to Petra Rozman about fashion internships, work experiences, life in a foreign country and of course, men.

Don’t be misguided by the silly pink hair, pierced nose and pretty clothes – this was the first public mention of Eliei Fashion Consultancy before it was officially founded. I can only say that it makes me proud to see that once a university project has turned into a reality and now my full time job.

To finish off let me remind you that no matter what, there will always be someone better than you. And they’re going to work harder than you if you’re not working hard.

*Both of the photographs were taken by Latifah Gordon.




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