The Face Maze

The Face Maze

My rather awkward take on beauty products and make-up filmed by Vilte for her project The Face Maze.

The face maze is an independently run, inclusive online platform, celebrating individuality through make up. In this day and age where social media presence is being polished to perfection, where hyper real personalities represent a certain standard, we strive to expose the genuine side of things. We want to be a platform that brings all of the creative and talented individuals in the make up community together and show techniques that might not fit in within the norm. It is a synthesis of creativity and individuality. We want to be a space where through our content we challenge stigmas and stereotypes of the industry. We are a beauty and makeup website where everybody is free to wear make up and wear it however they want it, creating community for beauty lovers.

// Let’s be audacious

// Let’s be visionaries

// Let’s create The Face Maze

If you have any enquiries regarding the project feel free to contact Vilte on her email:

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