Week in Review

Week in Review

While the heartless attack in Manchester left people scared and uncertain, Manchester became a symbol of a city set on fighting terror with unity and love. In lighter news, we looked into why reaching out to Chinese social media platforms is a must if you wish to grow your brand in luxury sector. In finance we speak about one of many cryptocurrencies, BitCoin, which is predicted to stabilise in the near future given that many start-ups and online businesses have began to adopt it. 

Beyonce is becoming a symbol of fertility as her fans likened her to a Japanese spirit, that is meant to protect women during pregnancy. On that note please, let us start a conversation, what could that mean for us, women in a man’s world? 


Manchester Bombing
Chinese Luxurians
Bitcoin Bonanza
Symbol of Fertility: Bey
eliei-fashion-consultancy-week-in-review-1A heartless terror attack took place on Monday in Manchester, shortly after an Ariana Grande concert in the stadium itself. Fatalities included 22 instant deaths with around 60 people injured.
Following this cold-blooded incident, security around the UK has increased substantially. Families who have lost loved ones stood together in memory of them, and American Pop sensation Ariana Grande has cancelled the European tour in solidarity of the lives lost and injured.
During this dubious time, locals are advised to stay safe and to not point fingers at minorities and to unite instead, against extremism and terrorism.
eliei-fashion-consultancy-week-in-review-2China is considered one of the largest emerging markets in the world. The average age of those who can afford luxury is under the age of 45. Marketeers must look digitally if they wish to tap into the market that seem to be leading the luxury world, accounting for 20% of the worlds luxury expenditure. Brands such
as Gucci, Fendi and Versace have reached out to Chinese social media platforms to promote themselves as there seems to be room for growth in their luxury sector.
Given that a large majority of regular social media platforms have been banned in China, brands must take the extra initiative to be recognised as a household name.
eliei-fashion-consultancy-week-in-review-3The bitcoin showed a steady growth of over $2700 recently, and then showed a sharp drop by 30% in value over the last two days and
is predicted to drop by about 15% more.
Bitcoin is the first of many cryptocurrency but is to stabilise in the near future given that many start-ups and online businesses have began to adopt this currency purely due to the fact that they’re hard to trace and backed by Japanese tech experts.
However, a blockchain technology is still yet to be developed to create a completely secure transaction service, and hence the bitcoin shows volatility in value.
eliei-fashion-consultancy-week-in-review-4Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore have sported the semi-naked baby bump photo shoot and “broke the internet”.
The Beyhive was buzzing with excitement and has pinned Queen Bey as a sort of modern fertility queen. Her insta-pregnancy garnering over 11 million likes, with the photo shoot containing underwater shots, Gucci gowns, flower crowns and Bey sporting a beatific pregnancy glow.
Encrusted in gold during her Grammy’s performance with bump in sight, fans likened her to a Japanese spirit, that is meant to protect women during pregnancy.
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