Week in Review

Week in Review

Quoting the Sunday Times Editor’s Letter;

“Terror came appallingly close to us last night. We watched in horror as emergency vehicles swarmed over London Bridge and the first reports of injuries and possible fatalities reached us on our doorstep.
It is possible the timing was no coincidence, coming on the eve of the concert mourning the victims of the Manchester bombing and only five days before the general election.
Our message to the merchants of death is that Britain will not be cowed and democracy will prevail. You will not have our hate, as the brave widower of the Bataclan attacks in Paris said, but there will be justice. We are stronger and better than those who seek to divide and destroy us.”

Trump VS Climate Change
Youth of Japan: Hardworking or Overworked?
High Street Hitting Low
War on Extremism
The US accounts for about 15% of the world’s carbon emissions, making it the highest globally. Trump recently called to pull out from a Paris agreement, with the “America First” propaganda in mind. The US coal industry is expected to boom and the environment in consequence will face doom. Massive business corporations and individuals such as Facebook, Elon Musk, Apple, PepsiCo, and Google have stood up against this decision. Fashion’s CO2 emissions are expected to rise since there is less accountability for environmental harm. It is foreseen that these brands will have a difficult time managing their environmental impact under different laws. People are looking to businesses to stand apart and make amends where the government fails.
Although the Japanese are idolised for their hard work and dedication, a line needs to be drawn between hardworking and overworked. Averaging about 80 hours of overtime per month that goes uncompensated, the youth of Japan are incredibly overworked. This is so common that they have a hotline for young overworked locals, and majority of the complaints received are to do with the long strenuous hours. Some of the youth have been under so much pressure that they have chosen to take their lives. The Japanese government have been pressed to attend to this matter, encouraging the youngsters to take more holidays and to be let out early on Fridays.
High street sales fell by 1.3% in May due to a low demand for fashion items. However, Londoners continue to spend on gifts, health and beauty and leisure goods, encouraging growth by about 4%. This could be due to the weakened currency. Consumers do not have as much spending power as they used to, and more and more retailers are rushing to bring out their “SALE” signs to compensate for weak sales. This reduced spending and increased inflation hit the country after last year’s BREXIT vote, making May’s sales the lowest of four months.
4_eliei_fashion-consultancyYet again, another terror attack haunts the streets of London. This time at London Bridge and Borough Market. At London Bridge, a van drove into some pedestrians, continuing into the nearby Borough Market where the terrorists stabbed and attacked some locals in the nearby restaurants. 48 of them have been taken into 5 serperate hospitals in the capital and about half of those are in a critical condition. As of now, 7 have been killed in this incident and the world stands at solidarity, urging the British nation to be strong amid the chaos.
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